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Alan Baxter

Alan Baxter

Alan is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and has a strong background in the mechanical and electrical engineering sector.

Looking to the future, Alan’s ambition is focussed on ensuring the Pera International business stays in a healthy condition and Alan is excited by what the future holds: “I like to see companies succeed by improving their profitability and cash flow to make the business stronger. The fact is, with these in place everyone benefits.”  Building happy and effective teams is a key skill of Alan’s, and his relaxed disposition makes it easy for him to get along with people at every level within the Pera International business.

Away from his non-executive role with Pera International, Alan is a keen golfer and racehorse owner, having built a stables in 1998. “We’ve had many successes from over 100 horses we’ve trained. We’ve won at Cheltenham and had many other national hunt winners.” Alan is married – with five grown up children and three grandchildren.