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A novel polymer processing technology producing engineering grade thermoplastic foam products. Higher production rates, more cost competitive in low runs, suitable for use with standard extrusion machines… the advantages of this new method for producing high quality, low density foamed parts a


A safer alternative replacement for thiourea accelerators in the production process of chloroprene rubber. Thanks to their balance of cure rate, scorch and physical properties,  thiourea based accelerators have hitherto represented the best cure system for chloroprene rubber. The problem is their


Using mixed waste plastics to manufacture complex recycled polymer products. The price of raw materials, environmental concerns and the costs of disposing of mixed waste plastics increase each year. Now the PRIME project has developed a new way to reuse recycled plastics for a wide range of low


Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation Based on Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) Technology in Foundry Industry. Background In forges and foundries the main energy requirement is the need for large quantities of thermal energy for heating or melting of the product. In gas and coke powered furnaces


Every year, 90 million tonnes of food is thrown away in the EU alone. Backed by a €3.9m grant from the EU, the ISA-PACK project is aiming to reduce this food wastage by up to75%. The global packaging market is estimated to be worth over €400bn. It has an annual growth rate of over 4%. Food pack


Over the last 20 years the sophistication of printing systems and technology has grown to a point where the next step towards realising printed electronics will be in reach for a range of applications and companies, including SMEs. However, to do this, there is a need for a low cost conductive ink,