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Background European Aquaculture and Fisheries today face several challenges including increasing competition from North America, Canada, New Zealand and Japan. Increasing costs for land and water which may in the near future force aquaculture installations to move further offshore where th


Regulations concerning the environmental impact of appliances are increasingly stringent and no commercial domestic water heaters were able to meet them. Now, EU-funded scientists have delivered a winner. In its commitment to reduce its environmental impact, the EU is implementing mandatory energ


Project managing a multidisciplinary pan-European programme focused on atrial fibrillation. Pera Technology’s project management expertise is renowned as being a vital component behind the success of many large research programmes. Nowhere is this more true than with the EUTRAF project, aime


Background The European cheesemaking industry is facing the threat of losing a significant proportion of its market as a result of the European legislation which calls for limiting saturated fat and transfat content both in cheese and cheese-based products. The CheeseCoat project will prov


Background The identification and evaluation of relevant European and National legislation is an important element of the ChemXchange project, in order to identify legislation relevant for the definition of content and functionality in the ChemXchange system and to ensure that the solution


Background Choux pastry is an essential 'building block' since it can be used for a wide range of popular traditional bakery products. The choux pastry dough is the only dough that is cooked before baking, which is mainly made of water, butter, flour, eggs and other ingredient depending on