Promoting Innovation in Manufacturing

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Background Around 90% of goods traffic to and from the EU member states is transported by sea. Therefore the maritime sector is of significant importance to the economic competitiveness of European business and industry. However, due to its very nature, it is also one of the most dangerous


WAVEPORT is a 4 year €8.5m project supported by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. The project brings together engineering expertise from 4 European countries and the USA to deploy and demonstrate a commercial scale wave energy converter with an innovative


Background Nowadays, when information about products is widely available through the network, providing products with attributes demanded by consumers becomes indispensable to succeed. Furthermore, parents demand more and more knowledge about features and characteristics of the products th


Background Land-based aquaculture is of increasing interest; however, the supply of fresh unpolluted water is becoming scarce in many areas of the world. This will put increasing pressure on aquaculture businesses to develop recirculation systems . Water quality is one of the most critical

Intelligent Motion Analysis

Background There is a great demand for a solution that will provide a technique to analyse the movements of the muscles (motion analysis, motion function evaluation/assessment) at the community level, leading to quicker, more appropriate and more effective treatment, rehabilitation and erg


The START project is developing a dry cleaning unit that can be retro-fitted to machinery and logistical software, to reduce transport costs and improve recycling effectiveness within the farming industry. Agricultural films are vital to modern farming practices and without them high levels of food