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Pera International has recently become a member of Airto

Pera International has recently become a member of Airto

AIRTO is the Association for Innovation, Research and Technology Organisations, the foremost membership body for organisations operating in the UK’s innovation, research and technology sector

Members deliver vital innovation and knowledge transfer services which include:

  • applied and collaborative R&D
  • consultancy
  • technology validation and testing
  • incubation of commercialisation opportunities
  • early stage financing


Airto exists to:

  • assist members to network and engage collectively with government and policy makers in the UK’s R&D landscape on matters of mutual interest, including research policy, innovation strategy
  • encourage enterprise and the commercial take up of scientific and technological advances
  • influence and improve the strategy and climate for innovation for members through dialogue with key decision makers in government and industry across technology intensive sectors
  • provide a forum for members to share best practice in innovation

Airto’s mission is to facilitate, and stimulate, connections and knowledge transfer between members and with other communities, and thereby support best practice for business improvement and growth.


Members are market-led, problem-oriented, businesses and organisations serving all facets of technology transfer and innovation, and who secure their own existence and growth through success in this marketplace.


Their specialist skills and professional work is vital in helping to raise the productivity of UK companies, and in connecting businesses, government, and academia to the resources needed to catalyse the successful uptake of new technology.


They are businesses or organisations operating in the market place for the creation, translation, adaptation, and transfer of scientific and technical knowledge in ways that add value to their clients’ operations.


Airto provides:

  • a channel for businesses, and for the public sector, to access our members’ skills
  • opportunities to share business best practice amongst members through formal knowledge sharing and through informal networking
  • opportunities for influencing the climate for innovation in the UK