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The AquaConserver project is focused on improving how we use and conserve water. It enables the easy and efficient recycling of domestic water for re-use throughout the home, saving up to 35% of total household water.

The need for water solutions is clear. Across the European Union, water is an increasingly scarce resource. Restrictions on water use are now commonplace in many countries. As an example, in 2006 there was less water per capita in the South- East of England than in the desert states of Syria and Sudan. With warmer climate models predicted for Europe and decreases in groundwater and river flow rates, the need for new ways of saving and re-using water is heightened.

Increasing consumption

There is a huge financial cost too. Drought has an economic impact on tourism, energy production and agriculture industries. They have already cost the European economy €100 billion over the past 30 years. Without a new approach, consumption by the public, industry and agriculture is likely to increase by at least 16% to 2030.

EU FP7 funded

The AquaConserver project is a pan-European scheme which is aiming to relieve the pressure on our water supply infrastructure. With €1.9m of funding secured by Pera Technology through the EU FP7 programme, the AquaConserver project brings together the diverse expertise of partners from eight European countries.

Saving up to 50% of water

The AquaConserver project is focused on the development of a low cost water recycling system which re-uses shower and bath water. This will save up to 50% of personal washing water usage and over 50% of the heating energy used. It will enable the re-use of filtered grey water from bathing and showering for toilet flushing. This will save up to 35% of overall household water use.

Training and employment

The AquaConserver project also has employment benefits too. It gives Europe’s leading SME Plumbing
Associations an opportunity to bring a new demand-led offering to customers. Requiring high levels of expertise and training to install correctly and efficiently, the AquaConserver solution will create training and employment opportunities across Europe.