Developing modern approaches toward increasing knowledge of the arrhythmogenic substrate

  • Chemexchange

    Enabling total chemical management

  • TeamSafety

    Team Safety 3d Virtual Team Training

  • Design4children

    Development of innovative and cost-effective Design-Support tools for the European childcare products industry promoting the enhancement of children’s comfort and extending products’ lifespan

  • AQUAlity

    Profitable recirculation aquaculture by improved management and surveillance of biofilters

  • Intelligent Motion Analysis

    Intelligent Motion Analysis

  • Start

    Retro-fitted dry-cleaning unit for agriculture film waste

  • OVD Writer/Reader

    Optically Verifiable Device (OVD) Writer Reader technology allows you to covertly authenticate an injection moulded thermoplastic component using a moulded in, machine readable, hologram at minimal cost

  • VoltVessel

    Novel technology to enable the recapture and reuse of waste energy from power generation, in order to maximise usable energy output from scarce natural resources

  • Avert-IT

    Monitor and predict the likelihood and primary causes of arterial adverse hypotension events