What we do

Pera International is a membership-based Research Association founded in 1946. It is a company limited by guarantee. It does not distribute profits to members companies or any third parties but revenues are applied to its central purposes.

For over 70 years, Pera International has continued to support companies in manufacturing sectors with the development of new manufacturing strategies and with the research and development of new production techniques.

Contributing to R&D

Research and development is supported in partnership with other research institutes with a strong focus on the manufacturing industry. Pera International’s primary role is to identify and advise on the generic, enabling research necessary to drive a sector forward and to fund generic R&D and to stimulate the establishment of collaborative research consortia to carry out the R&D.

Descriptions of the range of recent collaborative projects are available in the projects section of this website and in the News section.

Facilities for Business Growth

Start-up and growing businesses need flexible and well-serviced premises.  Pera International provide this important part of the innovation ‘ecosystem’ through the Pera Business Park in Melton Mowbray.

The aim is to inspire, develop and nurture successful businesses with a dynamic mix of office space and workshop facilities.


  • Pera International is a membership-based Research Association founded in 1946
  • Research and development is delivered in partnership with other research institutes
  • Pera International provides business incubation and rental space at its Business Park